Price Guide


Free of Charge Appointment

New patients are welcome to book in for a one off introductory appointment to come over and meet a dentist and view the practice before committing to a full private examination.



New patient check-up (including all small x-rays) - £82.00

Routine adult check-up - £60.00



Small radiographs (each) - £18.00

Panoral radiograph - £60.00



Amalgam filling - from £102.50 - £163.00*

Tooth coloured composite filling - from £102.50 - £163.00*

Root filling (the tooth filling is charged as an extra item) - from £294.50 - £483.00*


Crown and Bridgework

Crowns - from £720.00

Bridges - from £720.00

Porcelain veneers/inlays - from £720.00


Implant per unit - from £2,350.00*



Partial dentures - from £760.00

Full upper and lower dentures - from £1,750.00


Oral Surgery

Planned extraction - from £110.50*

(other surgery is charged on a time basis)


Preventive and Periodontal Treatment

Oral hygienist visit - from £53.00

Hygiene maintenance visit - from £73.00


Emergency Pain Relief

for non registered patients - £150.00


Sundry Items

Tooth whitening - £366.00

Whitening gel refills - from £78.00

Gum shields for use in contact sports - from £105.00


Strand Essentials

Monthly payment plan - from £12.65


All treatments are tailor-made to the individual.

There is currently no VAT on dental treatment.

Prices marked with an asterisk* are quoted per tooth.

A full breakdown of costs will be provided with a treatment plan. Payment is required for treatment that has been provided on that day. For treatment that takes two visits such as veneers, we ask for 50% at each appointment. We accept cash and all major credit and debit cards.